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Aok - Cosmetic With Natural Ingredients

Aok - Cosmetic with natural Ingredients

by Violetta


german version

As I mentioned, me and my sisrter wanted to start this new blog where we write about cosmetics and make up products, which are available here in germany and are good alternatives to asian products (which are really difficult to get to in germany). ince these products have so interesting ingredients like white tee, ginseng and so on.

Because I have mixed skin (oily with pimples and also dry), I am always looking for products that could help me. The problem with the most german products is, that if they´re anti pimple, they also reduce the moisture of your skin. Since this is really bad (for every skin type), I am always curious about some german products that could possibly be better, more like I wish they could be.

All these products are available for around 1-5 €, so I think it is a really good price for the quality you get.

So here is the first product, the "gentle wash creme" 

("sanfte Waschcreme):

Since this product isn´t the ideal type for me, because it is for normal skin, I am not sooo happy with it. But I have it because my mom was so nice and bought it for me. I would not say anything bad if my mother is doing something nice for me, so I am still using it. ;-)
It has a really nice, not to sweet flavour and they also say there is grape extract and plant hyaluron included.
You can see that the cleansing result is not a perfect one, but it still is quite good for german products. So if you don´t wear a heavy make up, I can recommend this product to you, even if it is still improvable.

The next one is the "regulating cleansing gel"

("regulierendes Waschgel"):

This product is definetelly the better choise for my skin when it comes to cleansing.  I really like it´s smell (not sweet, a bit herb, just like white tee) and well, I think it is a good alternative aswell, but also improvable. Anyway, I think it´s really reffreshing seeing german cosmetic brandy using ingredients like whie tee and so on. I am always a bit proud of them that they know and use the asian knowledge of beauty and health.

Next is a really interesting product, the "sea sand - almond bran" (Seesand-Mandel-Kleie"):

I never was a fan of such 3-in-1 products, which include 3 different skincare products in one. In my opinion, a product can´t succesfully include a peeling, cleansing and a mask in itself. I am using it inly as a mask, because the texture is to rough to use it as a peeling or a cleansing. That´s always the problem with such products. They hurt your skin more then they could ever help you.
Beside that, I think this MASK is a really really good one. You only need 5 minutes to let it on your skin. The most funniest part of this product is when you mix the powder together with water. I personally love that. You can choose the thickness of the mask yourself. ^^

I used 3 Teaspoons powder and 6 Teaspoons water for this and it was enough for two masks (for me and my sister). The consistence wasn´t that thick, but it was a really good one for staying on the skin.

My tip: use a moisturizing cream after it, because it is only a mask again pimples and oilyness.

(left) right after applying, (right) after waiting for 5 minutes



Next, the "balancing night care" 

("ausgleichende Nachtpflege"):

Aww, I really live this cream. It is perfect for the night, not to heavy, has a nice natural herb smell and contains white tee in it.You can see in the picture below, that it is not shiny at all (this is important for the most german make up user). Well I think it´a a bit sad that germans don´t appreciate the korean moistfull make up look, because the face looks so ... well ... alive and healthy. But it is how it is and we can only make the best of it, so ... this cream is a really good choise for my skintype.

"clarifying facial toner" ("klärendes Gesichtswasser"):


This toner is a really great one. It includes ginseng extract and has a herb, but really really nice and natural scent. I use this toner not only as a toner, but also as a cleansing water in the morning for my face cleansing (because cleansing the face twice a day with to "hard" products isn´t good for your skin).
You can see in the picture below, that the cleansing result is really nice. :-)

(left) before using, (right) after cleansing the face in the morning

"pore-refining day cream" ("porenverfeinernde Tagescreme"):

This day cream with ginseng extract is not as moisturizing as I want for the day, because it makes the skin really mat. Unfortunately is this what the most germans want from their make up, but I don´t really understand it. Well, I think the cream does moisturize the skin, but well ... it feels more mat than moisturized after using it.
You can see in the picture below, that it is really mat. Anyway, the scent is really nice, very herb and natural. 

All in all I have to say, that these products are a really good alternative to the asian ones. Or better, these are really good products, which are inspired from asian cosmetics.
Anyways, I am really happy with these products and I can really recommend these to you guys. :-)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leafe a comment. Please tell me what you think about the Aok products or what you think about this blog. Thanks. :3

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