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B.A.P CARNIVAL album unboxing/haul regular/normal version vs. special version

B.A.P CARNIVAL album unboxing/haul

regular/normal version vs. special version

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today I will show you the two album versions from the B.A.P Carnival album.
It's the 5th mini album, published in 2016. 

I ordered the normal version at the neotokyo onlyne store for 17€. (This is a german online shop, so the ordering is very easy for me, living in Germany.) I waited around 1 month for this.
I bought the special version together with my tcicket for the B.A.P LOE 2016 concert in düsseldorf. I had a coupon wich I had to show at the merchandise shop at the concerthall. All in all it was pretty hard to wait like 2 month's to get this. But waiting in front of the hall for 2 hours again was... ah well... I hope B.A.P can feel the love I put in getting this album! :D The price was around 30€, with an autograph from a (random) member.

Both albums contain the CD with 6 new songs.

tracklist:         today
                        feel so good
                       my girl

The main track on this album is "feel so good". 

 I made a video to show you how both versions looks like in comparission. I hope you like it! :3

The first visual difference between the two version is the size and the cover.
normal version: 16,5 cm x 16,5cm
special version: 18,5cm x 25cm

I like the concept that there are only the matokis on the covers. (Because they are simply cute *__*)

The next difference is, that the special version has more pictures in the photobook. But in general there are pictures wich are ONLY at the normal version and some wich are ONLY at the special version. So only if you get both albums you have all pictures. I think tha's really hard for the fans who want to have all pictures, but don't have enough money.

The last difference is that in the special version you have a standee from a member (randomly choosen) and a mini poster of the group. The photocards are in every version, as usual. 

All in all I think the album is really pretty. The songs makes me happy. It's fun to listen to them. So I can definetly recommend getting this album. But I don't know if it is necessary to make a special version beside the normal version FOR A MINI ALBUM...
If you only want the CD, to listen to it you will be happy with the normal version. But if you are a fan who want's to have more goody's from the band than you should get the special version. (or both if you have the money! :D ) But really, both versions are pretty. A small size is more practicall if you transport the album much, the big size is a bit hard to handle somethimes. But for looking at the pictures the bigger size is more compfortable. ;)

I hope this review/haul is helpful for you and your decission. If you have some questions please feel free to aks me! ;)
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